A Message from the CEO of Viacry: Exceeding the Future with AI

In the annals of history, transformative innovations have periodically reshaped society and the mechanisms of commerce. The invention of gunpowder, for instance, dramatically altered warfare strategies and power structures. Today, we stand at a similar pivotal moment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) — a revolutionary force poised to redefine the business landscape. As CEO of Viacry, I draw a parallel between these pivotal moments in history and our current trajectory with AI. It’s my intention to share insights and guidance on embracing the AI revolution for enduring success.

AI: A Paradigm Shift in Business

Just as gunpowder redefined military engagement, AI is set to revolutionize business operations, strategies, and outcomes. At Viacry, we’ve witnessed the advantages AI brings to the table, notably in enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiencies. Innovations like Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots have transformed our ability to offer personalized, scalable customer experiences — previously unthinkable.

The Emergence of Autonomous AI

Looking beyond immediate applications, the advent of autonomous AI entities represents a groundbreaking shift. These entities, capable of informed decision-making and executing tasks with minimal human oversight, herald a new era of business adaptability and precision. Envision a future where AI-driven networks preemptively mitigate supply chain disruptions or deliver real-time, highly accurate health diagnostics. This is not just a vision at Viacry; it’s a future we’re actively shaping.

The Collective Power of AI Systems

The transformative potential of AI multiplies exponentially when systems are interconnected, sharing data and learning from one another. This collective intelligence can address complex problems, drive innovation, and even spawn entirely new business sectors. Central to this revolution is the ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, unveiling insights that far exceed human capabilities. For Viacry, embracing the interconnectedness of AI systems opens up uncharted territories of innovation and growth.

AI Adoption: A Strategic Imperative

For our network, the entrepreneurial community, and beyond, embracing AI early on is not just strategic — it’s essential for future viability and success. Harnessing AI for data-driven decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and deeper customer engagement will distinguish tomorrow’s industry leaders. However, the journey toward AI integration is not devoid of challenges. We must navigate ethical concerns, privacy issues, and the development of comprehensive regulatory frameworks with thoughtfulness and integrity.

Forward Together with AI

As we poised on the brink of this AI-driven era, I encourage my colleagues, our community, and the global market to seize the opportunities AI presents. Much like the pioneers who utilized gunpowder to forge new worlds, we, too, can lead the exploration of AI in business, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible. At Viacry, we’re dedicated to exemplifying how AI can not only propel business success but also foster a more efficient, insightful, and connected world.

Let us embark on this exciting journey together, leveraging AI to amplify our potential, catalyze progress, and transform the business landscape in unimaginably profound ways.


Zeev Wexler

CEO, Viacry and Wexler Marketing


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